Why use a professional document management service?

If you run your own business, you’re likely to acknowledge that we’re still a long way from the idea of a paperless office! A build-up of paperwork is something that most of us have to cope with from time to time, but if you’re struggling to deal with a huge backlog of un-filed paperwork, it would be time to consider using the services of a professional document management company.

Document management services usually fall into several different areas generally categorised as scanning services, data capture, document conversion and archive management. Document scanning services are designed to help companies deal with paperwork, with the intention of improving productivity, freeing up storage and reducing business running costs. Document scanning is the ideal way to safely and effectively address document storage issues, ensuring that essential documentation is stored either on site or in a web-based document storage system. Reference: http://www.pro-doc.co.uk

When looking for a document management service, it’s important to find a document management company that offers a flexible service which can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each business. For example, you many have documentation which must remain on site and/or documents that can be removed for scanning so it’s important to find a company that offers both on-site and outsourced scanning options.

Data capture services are designed to extract data from a wide range of documents and for maximum accuracy, it’s important to select a document management company that uses both single and double key entry. Highly skilled operators can efficiently processes many thousands of data fields each day, enabling the return of data in as short a time as possible.

Document conversion services are designed to convert documents into a huge range of different media types. Most document management companies offer the option to return data to clients directly into their own document management software or though specially designed software, created to aid the successful management of a document archive.

Once you documentation and paperwork has been converted into the required digital format, files can then be returned to you on a wide range of different media types. Most document management companies offer the option to import directly the files into your documentation software, whilst some also offer the facility to provide management effective archive management software.

So rather than feeling as though you are constantly battling with a paperwork mountain, why not consider using the services of a document management company? Document management is becoming an increasingly popular option for many companies and is seen as an effective way to bring paperwork bang up to date whilst freeing up time and valuable storage space.