Safe, secure document management for modern businesses

In the highly competitive business world of today, you need to know your documents are safe, secure and ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice. This is where a professional document management company can help.

When your company documents are efficiently sorted, archived and stored, it frees up time and allows you to do what you do best: running your business. A wide range of professional document management services are available nowadays, offering various solutions, tailor made to meet the requirements of all sizes and types of company or industry.

AIIM say, regardless of the size of your company or the condition or volume of your company documentation, you’ll need to find a document storage system that’s secure but is also designed to allow you to access information quickly and easily.

Many companies are now choosing to store their documentation in a digital format as this is a great way to free up space. Documents can be scanned – highly efficient digital scanning systems are available which are designed to scan incredibly quickly – and then stored in a digital format, ready to be accessed as and when required. Documents in any condition or of any size, shape or age can be scanned, from single page documents, internal records and legal documentation, through to audio visual materials, architectural drawings and historical artefacts.

Digital documents are far easier to manage than their traditional paper counterparts. ‘Going digital’ has been shown to increase employee efficiency and workflow: working with digitised documents can save huge amounts of employee time as sharing, editing and viewing documents is much quicker and more convenient than leafing through mountains of paperwork.

Once your company documents have been scanned and converted into a digital format, you may want to consider using a specially designed off-site document storage facility. Using an off-site document storage facility offers a wide range of advantages and is a great way to free up valuable office space and de-clutter your storage.

The majority of document storage companies now offer the facility for you to be able to manage your stored documents using an online system; allowing you to arrange to collect documents, have them destroyed or for them to be converted into a digital format. Off-site document storage facilities are highly secure to ensure that breaches of data protection do no occur and that documents are protected against damage, loss or theft.

The on-line management of document archives usually begins with each individual file being tagged or barcoded on arrival at the storage facility and once this has taken place, you’ll be able to track your documents once they have been stored. On-line archive storage systems a great way to give yourself peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure with the option for you to retrieve or dispose of them as and when you need to.

Digital document storage and the use of off-site document storage facilities are becoming a popular option for many businesses and industries. Recommended as a great way to get to grips with paper work and free-up valuable storage space, document storage can also help you streamline your business, cut costs and increase employee workflow. A wide range of document storage companies operate throughout the UK, with facilities available suit all businesses and details of the various options available can be found by searching online.